An Introduction to Neocolor I and II (Videos)

Introduction to Neocolors Neocolor II is known as a water soluble artist crayon. Neocolor I is known as a wax pastel. Neocolor II dissolves in water. Neocolor I doesn’t. 

I have both. I prefer the Neocolor II because of it’s creamy consistency and that it’s water soluble. Neocolor II is smooth and soft with vibrant colors. You can use the Neocolor II for your backgrounds wet or dry. When your paper won’t accept anymore colored pencil, you can still use the Neocolors because they will glide right over everything.

The white Neocolor II is great for highlights because it’s more opaque than any white colored pencil. The Neocolor II when wet works just like gouache/watercolor. You can even save and wet the shavings to use as paint. And if you are struggling with drafting film they work great dry on film as the final layer for a pop of color.

There are so many ways to use the Neocolor II and a lot of colored pencil artists use them. Colored pencil work can get a little tedious at times, and being able to use the Neocolor II brings so much joy and ease back into creating for me. I have had a set since I was five. I still love them just as much! You can find them at Blick’s my using my affiliate* link here:

*I get a small commission when your order from my affiliate link. Thank you so much!

Below is a playlist of 8 Neocolor Youtube Tutorials so you can learn more about the Neocolor II. Enjoy!



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