How to Apply Golden Pastel Grounds to Canvas

When I use colored pencils on canvas I like to prime my canvas with Golden Pastel Grounds so that it’s easier to draw on. In this quick demo I show you how I apply Golden Pastel Grounds to canvas with a sponge brush. Make sure to dilute the grounds with 20% to 40% water. Golden Pastel Grounds contain ground silica in an acrylic medium base giving you a nice toothy finish to your drawing surfaces, making it perfect for colored pencils and pastels.

The Golden Acrylic Colors Company recommends to seal the canvas first with GAC – 100 or the Polymer gel and then add the Pastel Grounds. After sealing the canvas I use 3-4 four coats of the Golden Pastel Grounds sometimes more, depending on the texture I’m wanting.

I get the Golden Pastel Grounds here:


Author: Cecilia Kinzie

I'm a California gal who enjoys the sunshine and the ocean. I love my small rescue dogs and colored pencils. I'm a free spirit with a practical side and a big heart. You will find me sharing the joy of colored pencils in Southern California, Facebook, and beyond!

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