How to Edit Your Reference Photos in PicMonkey Part I

PicMonkey is a great photo-editing website that you can use to manipulate your reference photos before you print them out to draw. You can adjust color, light, crop, and add a blurry background. Most of the features are free, but some are not. If you need an easy and quick way to edit your reference photos, I highly recommend PicMonkey. Just be aware that it only works on desktop or laptop computers. They have an app for phones and tablets, but it’s limited. I use the desktop version. Enjoy the video!

You can get it here: *

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Author: Cecilia Kinzie

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2 thoughts on “How to Edit Your Reference Photos in PicMonkey Part I”

  1. Thanks for the picmonkey tutorial.. I had looked at picmonkey a while back but soon got lost in all the info and the ins and outs.

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