Master List of Online Colored Pencil Tutorials Part I

colored pencil tutorialsMaster List of FREE Colored Pencil Tutorials on the Web and Youtube Part I 

Youtube Video Tutorials

Blurry Boca Background (Unmask Art)

Blurry Highlight Background (Deb Stanley)

How to Draw a Blurred Background in Colored Pencil (Lisa Lachri)

Peacock Feather (Mark Crilley)

Drawing a Sunset (Xaylia Fine Art)

Drawing Hair (Kirsty Partridge)

Shading Different Skin Tones with Polychromos (Emmy Kalia)

Portrait Tutorial with Luminance (Unmask Art)

Water Droplet (Sheldene Fine Art Drawing Tutorials)

Marker and Colored Pencil on Hair Prismacolors (Morgan Davidson)

How to use Solvent with Colored Pencils (Strathmore)

Drawing Fruit Caran D’ache Pablo (Stylus and Soft Background/ Kristy Kutch)

Making a Colored Pencil Carousel (70ms)

Modern Portrait with Watercolor Pencils (Derwent/Dee Cowell)

How to Blend Without Solvent (Dry Blending Methods/Strathmore)

Electric Eraser Tutorial (Jackson’s Art Supplies)

How to Draw an Eye in Colored Pencil with Prismacolors (Virtual Instructor)

Applying Resin to Colored Pencil Drawings (Karen Hull)

Cat Eyes with Watercolor Pencil and Polychromos (Lisa Ann Watkins)

Facial Features in Colored Pencil with Prismacolors (Lee Hammond)

Underpainting or Griselle Method with Colored Pencil (Kevin Ball)

Mixed Media/Black Paper/Graphite on Film (Janie Glidow)

Botanical Crab Apple Tutorial (Gaynor Dickeson/Art Tutor)

Realistic Portrait Tutorial with 12 Prismacolors (Luisina Juliete)

How to Draw Metal in Colored Pencil (Janie Gildow)

Written Tutorials

How to Choose a Background (Art Tutor/Bob Davies)

Fast and Easy Backgrounds (Empty Easel/Carrie Lewis)

Red Apple Tutorial (John Middick)

Pug on Drafting Film (Jill Tisbury)

How to Render the Color White (Alyona Nickelsen)

Preserving White Highlights (Veronica Winters)

Colored Pencil Strokes (Scumbling/Interview with Ann Kullberg)

Sunlit Cherry Plums Tutorial – Free Download (Ann Kullberg)

Step by Step Horse Tutorials (Carrie Lewis)


E-book on Color Theory for Colored Pencils or How Not to Make Mud (Carol Bond)

E-book on Portraits with Sanded Paper and Polychromos
(Nicole Caulfield)

PDF Strathmore Paper Guide

Author: Cecilia Kinzie

I'm a California gal who enjoys the sunshine and the ocean. I love my small rescue dogs and colored pencils. I'm a free spirit with a practical side and a big heart. You will find me sharing the joy of colored pencils in Southern California, Facebook, and beyond!

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  1. Wow what a terrific list of great teaching videos! I look very forward to viewing all. Thank you for posting al and special thanks for taking your personal time to help all who want to improve art skills.

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