Colored Pencil Book Review: The Colored Pencil Solution Book

by Janie Gildow and Barbara Benedetti Newton

With so many colored pencils books out, I was surprised to find new information that I haven’t come across before. This book has so many little gems of knowledge, it was a pleasure to review it.

For starters, the book is very thorough when it comes to getting your materials, setting up your drawing space, and transferring your line drawings. I learned new techniques and a way to test the reaction of colors to your fixative before ruining a drawing.

The next section was on designing your composition. I found this section invaluable. Not only did I learn the principles of design, but the authors gave many examples of good and bad design. Definitely a great reference to go back to time after time. In the application and technique chapter I learned a variety of pencil strokes, tips for using dark paper, how to use sgraffito and impressed lines, and how to remove color from your paper for different effects.

The color and light solutions chapter went deeply into color theory and on how to create shadows and light. My favorite part of the chapter was the section called, how can I create impact in my work? Some of the topics mentioned were back-lighting, color of light, contrast, and working with keys.

Chapter 5 was about rendering translucent or reflective objects such as glass and metal. Chapter 6 focused on how to create different textures such fabric, produce, and flowers. There are small tutorials in these chapters and the line drawings are in the back of the book for you to practice.

The final chapter deals with how to fix mistakes. I was grateful to have information on how remove stains from your paper, repair paper damage, what to do when your pigment will no longer stick, and many more cool tips when you find yourself in a colored pencil conundrum.

The book finishes with demos of how to tackle challenging textures such as lace, fringe, and more. All in all this book gets my full thumbs up. The only complaint is that it focuses mostly on still life subjects, but other than that, I think any colored pencil artist would find the, The Colored Pencil Solution Book, extremely useful.

Here is the book on Amazon:

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Author: Cecilia Kinzie

I'm a California gal who enjoys the sunshine and the ocean. I love my small rescue dogs and colored pencils. I'm a free spirit with a practical side and a big heart. You will find me sharing the joy of colored pencils in Southern California, Facebook, and beyond!

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