Colored Pencils for Beginners and Beyond Group Rules and Posting Guideline

Please read before posting!

These are the basic rules for our members. We also have a special set of rules for the advanced/expert/teacher members that you can read here:

Mission Statement

This is a haven for beginning and intermediate colored pencil artists to grow and learn in a safe community. While the focus is helping serious colored pencil beginners and intermediates progress their skills in colored pencil, we do accept members who have advanced or professional skill levels that are willing to share and help beginners.

This is not an adult coloring book page. You will find different levels here. Beginners are encouraged to post. Don’t be intimidated by the quality of work you see in the group. We are all supportive and here to learn from each other.

Fun Facts About Our Group

– This is not your average group. We try to operate more like a family.

– Everyday (except Saturday) we have a new pinned post. So make sure to check out the pinned posts everyday for cool stuff:) You will be glad you did, promise!

– Make sure to check out our files and event’s tabs. We have a bunch of resources in the files sections and our monthly challenges are in the event’s tab.

– Our files are located here:

– Our events are listed here:


The moderators and I work very hard (with hours of our time) on this group all we ask is that you read and follow the rules to the best of your ability. Failure to follow posting guidelines will result in your post getting deleted, or if guidelines are consistently ignored, deleted from the group.

– Be nice. Be encouraging. No critiques unless asked for.

– NO Nudity/Sexual Images

– NO Violent/Gruesome Images

Posting Guidelines
When posting your colored pencil art please include:

1. The title of your work.

2. Which art materials you used, including the brand.

3. What type of paper or support you used and the size.

4. If a work in progress, please label it WIP

5. Give credit to your reference photo (see below for more info)

6. Briefly tell us how much experience you have with colored pencils

7. If you are posting for the first time, please let us know with the hashtag #firstpost

– If you used a reference photo, your post must include the photographer’s name and that permission was granted for use.

– If you got the picture from a royalty-free site, you need to credit the royalty-free site name that you obtained it from.

– If you used a tutorial or a book, include the title of the book, and the artist. If you used a video, give credit to the artist in the video. If you used your imagination, please make note of that.

– Valid sources for reference photos from the internet include creative common and royalty-free sites. Pinterest or Google is NOT an acceptable place to get reference photos. Check out our files section for where to get royalty-free photos.


Don’t Post FAN ART: including no drawings of celebrities, no comic or video game art, and no copying other’s art. Also, no coloring book pages, greyscale coloring pages, or rubber stamp art. We want to see your 100% original unique creations.

Don’t post more than 2 pictures right after each other, and no more than 4 pictures a day.

Don’t post more that 1-2 questions per post. The more focused you make your post the more likely it will get answered.

Don’t make your post too complicated. If you are posting a tutorial be direct about it. Provide a direct link and do not ask people to IM you or search in Facebook for it. If you are a teacher or advanced member check out our files section for guidelines for our teachers.


Do use other mediums with colored pencil if you want. Mixed media is okay, as long at it is at least 50% colored pencil. We use the definition of a colored pencil as set by the CPSA – Colored pencil materials must come in a solid dry form, cannot be brushed off and must dry completely. (NO PASTEL PENCILS) We also allow wax pastels or water soluble artist crayons such as Neocolor II.

Do post articles or videos about colored pencils and colored pencil art, and ask any relevant art/colored pencil questions.

Do comment often on other people’s work and make sure to respond when someone comments on yours

Do ask Cecilia Kinzie before you upload anything to our files section.

Do IM Cecilia Kinzie if you have an idea for the group before posting it in the group. This can create a lot of confusion and extra work for the moderators.

Do use the hashtag #firstpost If you are posting for the first time.

Do check out our monthly challenges here:

Do visit our files tab for amazing CP resources here:

Do check out our CP4B Facebook Page, Youtube, and Instagram:
Facebook Page:

Do message me with any concerns or questions. If you are unsure if you can post something, IM Cecilia Kinzie the admin of this group, before you post.

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!